Comprehensive Bike Fit

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While most bikes are technically sound, improper positioning on the bike can result in a disappointing ride. Proper fitting ensures maximum comfort, a great ride with superior power, noticeable increase in confidence,  and vastly improved handling on and off road. Riding without proper fit often means riding with sore or numb hands, feet, combined neck or back pain, with the ultimate result being inefficient performance paired with a lack of confidence.

Cleat Fit ~ $30.00 The feet transfer power through the cleat apparatus and our connection to the pedal via the shoe is the single most important piece of the bike fitting.           

Saddle Conversion ~ A poorly designed bike saddle can causes numbness and sore spots over the course of a ride. That paired poor positioning can ruin anyone's day. $35.00       

Handlebar conversion~ Both Mountain bike and Road bike bars began as a way to connect riders to their bikes, they've developed into something much more. Do you want to insure you have the correct bar? (includes bar tape/grip and control install)  Road ~ $35.00 Mountain ~ $30.00

Comprehensive Fit~ Everyone’s body is different. That said, we are the way we are, Luckily, bicycles are machines and  and have the ability to be adjusted. In fact, every touch point on the bike can be changed out, altered or moved to improve comfort and confidence. Our Comprehensive Fit will get you sorted!

  • Initial rider interview
  • Biomechanics assessment
  • Cycling specific physical assessment
  • Proper cleat alignment
  • Static fit process to determine the most optimal position on the bike
  • Bike adjustment for optimal position
  • Ideal for individuals seeking comfort, efficiency and performance on the bike

Hourly Rate ~ $125.00

Cleat Fit, Saddle Swap, Handlebar Install, Hourly comprehensive fit analysis?
Cleat fit =$30 with purchase of Cleat
Saddle Swap $35
Handlebar fit road $35
Handlebar fit Mountain $30
Comprehensive Fit $100 /hour Road and Mountain.

“A bike with ill fit, is like a finely crafted beer without the glass”

                                ~ Justin Mattison~

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