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Tunes Pricing No appointment Neccesary

We offer full service repairs, tune-ups and bike maintenance to keep your ride rolling smoothly. But that's not all, we also offer custom builds and conversion services, so you can get the bike you really want!

The Pint Tune $110

For bikes ridden 1 or 2 times a week


1. Check and Adjust Shifting

2. Service/Lube Chain and Cables

3. Inspect Brakes Front/Rear

4. 5-Point Inspection

The Growler Tune $185

For bikes ridden 2-4 times a week

1. Adjust Shifting

2. Service/Lube Chain and Cables

3. Adjust brakes Front/Rear

4. Lube Shifters and Cables

5. Lube headset/Bottom Bracket Inspect

6. Minor Wheel True Front/Rear

7. Wipe off Bike (please clean beforehand)

8. Drivetrain Clean

9. 5-Point Inspection

The Keg Tune $290 (Frame up Build or Race Prep)

1. Full Tear Down and Rebuild of Bicycle  

2. Service Chain Clean/Lube Chain (includes labor for drivetrain part replacement)

3. Brakes (New Cable and Housing) Hydraulic Brake Bleed/Caliper Service and Clean (Pads additional)

4. Shifters Clean and Lube Per Manufacturer's Specifications (New Cable and Housing)

5. Clean and Lube Headset/Service Bottom Bracket Pull BB and Headset as needed

6. True Wheels Front/Rear

7. Full Drivetrain Clean


8. Service all Bearings/Pivots (Clean, Lube,Torque) (check ft/rear Suspension setting air pressure rebound)


9. Inspect Tubeless Sealant and Refill (with purchase of 32oz bottle)


10. Full Detail (Please power wash first)