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For the ultimate in personal climate control, our Ouray thermal 3/4 bibs are made from Stelvio heat-regulating fabric and Lombardia fleece, and include the high-performance CyTech E.I.T. Liege Carbonium chamois. Perfect for cyclocross and winter training.

WHY OURAY? We named this jacket for Ouray, Colorado, an incredibly beautiful cycling destination known for it's challenging mountain passes and wide, gentle valleys that give way to lung-busting switchbacks and high summits. Less-traveled, dirt roads offer scenic alternatives for gravel grinders. When packing for Ouray, you never want to be without a bike! 



The following OFF BODY inseam lengths were measured on a garment at rest. They may not exactly reflect the ACTIVE inseam length when the garment is being worn due to the combined effects of the 1) the riders's torso and femur length, 2) stretchiness of the material, and 3) the rider's leg musculature. 

2XS = 49 cm
XS = 50 cm
S = 51 cm
M = 52 cm
L = 53 cm
XL = 54 cm
2XL = 55 cm
3XL = 56 cm


Ouray Lombardia Stelvio

Cycling Clothing for Windy ConditionsThis item will perform well in windy conditions.

Cycling Clothing for WinterThis item is good for weather down to 20° - 40° F