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About the product
  • SUPER FUNCTIONAL INSTANT TEA: Our adaptogenic tea starts with a green tea base and adds amazing herbs that help give your body the superfood it needs to promote your health and wellness it needs to perform at its peak. Great tasting, super functional, instant tea to support your active lifestyle.
  • SUSTAINED ENERGY: Our Energy tea focuses on balanced gains in strength, immunity, and endurance. Blended with high-quality green tea are powerful adaptogens that kickstarts the system and keeps you going strong without jitters, making it a perfect alternative to energy drinks or coffee. This instant tea drink has a slightly sweet flavor from cinnamon and licorice.
  • GREAT TASTING ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: With 100% natural plant based ingredients, our products are manufactured in the USA from domestic and imported ingredients. The Licorice Root and Cinnamon give our instant tea, that dissolves easily, a delicious taste.
  • ENJOY IT ANYWHERE: Rip. Pour. Mix. Sip. That's all it takes. Open 1 packet and pour the contents into 12-24 ounces of hot or cold water. Then stir, shake, or blend our instant tea for an on-the-go drink. Enjoy this convenient coffee-alternative, at home or on the go, and kickstart your day with this delicious natural instant tea.
  • WE STAND FOR GOOD TASTE: At Performance Tea we put each of our tea blends through rigorous testing. To make sure each tea blend has the perfect blend of plants and mushrooms for your active lifestyle. We push our bodies to the edge of human performance and make sure that our all-natural products provide the body with the nutrients it needs to perform.