The Keg Tune (Frame up Build or Race Prep)

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1.Full Tear Down and Rebuild of Bicycle  
2.Service Chain Clean/Lube Chain (includes labor for drivetrain part replacement)
3.Brakes (New Cable and Housing) Hydraulic Brake Bleed/Caliper Service and Clean (Pads additional)  
4.Shifters Clean and Lube Per Manufacturer's Specifications (New Cable and Housing)
5.Clean and Lube Headset/Service Bottom Bracket Pull BB and Headset as needed
6.True Wheels Front/Rear
7.Full Drivetrain Clean
8.Service all Bearings/Pivots (Clean, Lube,Torque) (check ft/rear Suspension setting air pressure rebound)
9.Inspect Tubeless Sealant and Refill (with purchase of 32oz bottle)
10.Full Detail (Wash and Frame Detail)
11.5-Point Inspection